Saturday, August 23, 2014

50 Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog

When I first started my blog I found and bookmarked an excellent blog posting by Cassie Boorn on July 11, 2012 on how to drive massive traffic to your blog. I notice that Cassie Boorn website "" was no longer on line.  I thought her article on driving traffic to your blog had some good ideas and was something that should still be shared with the world so I decided to repost her blog article (with the help of for other to read, use and share.

Here are 50 ways you can drive massive traffic to your blog and links showing you how to do it.

1.Profile other bloggers
2.Interview  experts on your topic
3. Get published in a magazine. Here is how. 
5.Have a virtual “grand opening” celebration
6.Start an award
9.Launch a Facebook or LinkedIn group
10.Create “link love” roundups
13.Comment on a hot topic
17.Turn blog posts into PDF’s to share on Scribd
21.Hold a contest
23.Post regularly
28.Turn your blog into a podcast with Odiogo
30. Turn your posts into video using Animoto
33. Host a local event
34. Start an advice column
36.Advertise on other blogs in your niche
37.Link to other bloggers
38.Host a webinar
39.Launch a video series
42.Write an editorial for your local newspaper
43.Write an industry report on a hot topic
44.Create a useful tool (checklist, planner, etc.) as a thank you to new subscribers.
48.Publish a list of the top bloggers in your niche


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  3. Thanks for sharing this grate ways to drive traffic to your website.

  4. Hey, I found the blog to be really wonderful. I never knew there are so many ways to get traffic on blog posts. Although I've already tried some of them like linking them to Facebook and LinkedIn groups, some other ideas are entirely new to me and may help my Pay Per Click Advertising. I will try out a few of them and will come back to comment here about the rate of success I achieve.

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