Monday, January 23, 2012

Free Anti-Virus

Free Anti-Virus Software for EVERYONE!!!!

Probably the #1 top issue that you will encounter as a basement PC tech is the removal of malware from someone's system. It's amazing how many system I come across that do not have a valid anti-virus software installed. I blame most of this to the fact that many new computer system are bloated with so much “trial” software that sometimes can leave the end user confused to what they actually have installed on their system.

When it comes to anti-virus software, there is not reason why anyone should not be protected from the dangers of the Internet. There are many free anti-virus software application that do a good job of detecting and removing malware for free. Below is a quick list of some of these application.

Microsoft Security Essentials (Recommended)

Avast Anti-Virus with anti-spyware

AVG | Free


Malwarebytes (Recommended)

Immunet Free Anti-Virus

PC Tools Anti-Virus Free

Note: Some of the application offer a “trail” of their upgraded products but it not necessary to participate in the trail to use their free version of the product.


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  2. Microsoft Security Essentials is by far the best antivirus you can get on a PC, and it's especially awesome because it's 100% free. I don't know why people would waste their time with any other antivirus software when you can get that free of charge right on the MS website. It's the one thing I install on my clients computers 100% of the time when they bring them in for computer repair West Palm Beach.